Some of the most frequently asked questions are listed below. Should you have any questions not answered below, please feel free to contact us.

  • Please see our Customer Service page. If you have registered, please be sure to provide the e-mail address associated with your TMG Sports Memorabilia account and a listing number if you are inquiring about a specific auction.
  • Everyone is invited to browse or Search through our auction categories and listings for items on TMG Sports Memorabilia. If you see something you would like to bid on you must first register by creating a TMG Sports Memorabilia account, if you do not already have one. Don't worry! Account creation is free and easy! The Login or Register page will ask you to enter an e-mail address, password, and your birth date. Your registration will create your TMG Sports Memorabilia account which can be used to bid on auctions as well as across TMG Sports Memorabilia to access information about your subscriptions, newsletters, and other personalized content.
  • TMG Sports Memorabilia is fully committed to protecting your right to privacy within our on-line auction community. TMG Sports Memorabilia expects all members to respect and protect the privacy of others. The release of any members' personal information for reasons other than those specifically provided for within the TMG Sports Memorabilia Privacy Policy is prohibited. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our Privacy Policy and contact us if you have any concerns or questions about privacy issues that may affect you.
  • You may browse as much as you'd like without signing up.
  • It takes just a few minutes. To complete the process, you will need to provide us with your E-mail Address, date of birth and create a password. You also have the option of receiving specials or notice of items via e-mail. Once you have confirmed your choices, you will then be required to accept the site rules and restrictions by clicking the Accept button on the following Terms and Conditions page. You can change your user-specific Password at any time by editing your User Information in My Account. You may Register now.
  • The registration process does not require you to enter your credit card information. You will be prompted for this information before you place a bid for an item. You may also go to My Auction Account to enter your credit card information at any time.
  • If you forgot your TMG Sports Memorabilia account password, click on the TMG Sports Memorabilia (Login) button on the top right TMG Sports Memorabilia homepage. Then click on the Forgot Your Password? link in the drop down menu. On the following page, enter the email address associated with your TMG Sports Memorabilia account for us to send you a new password. Check your email for the password that we have sent you. Use this new password to log in to TMG Sports Memorabilia. After logging in, we recommend changing the password to the one that you would prefer.
  • By registering with TMG Sports Memorabilia, you are letting other members know that you will participate in an honest and professional manner. You must provide us with valid contact information so that we may contact you regarding your TMG Sports Memorabilia purchases.
  • There is no cost to register on TMG Sports Memorabilia.
  • No. Registered users are not obligated to buy anything on TMG Sports Memorabilia.
  • TMG Sports Memorabilia members are expected to maintain valid accounts by keeping their contact information (e-mail address, mailing address, and phone number) up-to-date. This is a vital aspect of creating an honest and secure trading environment for TMG Sports Memorabilia members. If your contact or payment card information changes, simply update it from Update My Registration Info under the Manage My Account header in the My Account section of by clicking Edit next to the Account Information header.
  • You can use the TMG Sports Memorabilia Watch List feature to keep track of the items you're not yet ready to bid on, but want to monitor closely so you can bid on them when you are ready. On each auction listing page there is a link called Add to Watch List. Click on that link to add an item of interest to your Watch List. You can review the full list of items you're watching at any time when you go to the Manage My Bids > View My Watch List section of your My Account.
  • After you review the Listing Information for the item that interests you, click on Place Bid and follow the directions to enter and confirm your bid.
  • No. Browsing and bidding for merchandise on TMG Sports Memorabilia is free. You are not obligated to buy anything on TMG Sports Memorabilia after you have registered. You are welcome to drop by any time and look around. If you see something you would like to bid on you can do so quickly as a registered member.
  • Yes. To ensure fair bidding, a valid MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Discover credit card will be required to place a bid. Your credit card information is required only for the first time you place a bid on TMG Sports Memorabilia. A £4 authorization will be made on the credit card for validity, but you will never be charged this amount. Additional bids will not require credit card verification; however, be sure that your payment card information is up to date to ensure that your winning bid can be processed without delay. In order to successfully pay for your auction items, the billing address for your credit card must match the billing address entered for your TMG Sports Memorabilia account. If the billing addresses do NOT match, the transaction may fail at the close of the auction and the order will go unpaid. If you need to update your credit card information, you can do so at any time from the section called Manage My Account>Update Credit Card Info within the My Account section.
  • To increase your bid, you can do so by simply entering another bid on the auction. This bid will not change your current bidding amount if you are the winning bidder but will ensure you are still winning up until the new amount.
  • There are four steps to placing a bid on an auction. You must complete all four steps in order for our system to record and display your bid in a listing's Bid History. Click the Place Bid button on the listing page of the item you are viewing. You will be asked to Login, if you haven't done so already. Enter your bid for the item, review your shipping address, confirm that you are 18 years or older, and click the Place Bid button. Scroll down the Bid Confirmation page, review your bid information, and check it for accuracy. At this point, you will have the opportunity either to go back and modify or correct the desired quantity and Bid amount or you can submit your bid. To place your confirmed bid click the Confirm my Bid button. Once submitted, you will see information about your bid indicating the bid amount placed, and if your bid is currently the winning bid. To place additional bids, click the Place Another Bid button, which is located beneath the Bid History on the Summary page. You can then re-enter a new id amount according to the "Next Bid" amount as currently shown on the listing page. When reviewing an item's Bid History after having placed a bid, you should reload, or refresh, your browser so that it displays the most current information.
  • Here are two reasons why a bid may be considered invalid: 1) You have entered an invalid value in the "Bid Amount" field. Make sure that your bid amount contains only numbers and decimal points, i.e. 45.00 Do not enter any pound signs (£) or commas (,) into the Bid Amount field. 2) Your bid amount is less than the "Next Bid" value. Make sure that your bid is equal to or greater than the current "Next Bid" value shown on the listing page.
  • The Bid History should show your bid as soon as it is entered. If it doesn't appear, you may be viewing an old version of the page. Try clicking your browser's "refresh" or "reload" buttons. The Listing page updates 10-20 seconds after you make your bid to reflect the new Current Bid.
  • With Open Auctions, your maximum bid (if you are the current high bidder) will not be shown to other bidders while the current high bid amount is below that maximum bid threshold. The highest amount that will appear is one bid increment above the most recent competitive bid. With Reserve Price auctions, if you are the current high bidder and the Reserve Price has not yet been met, your maximum bid amount and nickname will be visible to other bidders as the current auction "Highest Bid" amount. Once the Reserve Price has been met, however, the maximum bid amount (if you are the current high bidder) will not be shown to other bidders while the current high bid amount remains below that maximum bid threshold.
  • We will send you an e-mail when your bid is no longer a winning bid. However, there can be unpredictable delays in e-mail transmission. We suggest that your regularly visit the TMG Sports Memorabilia website to check your "Bidding Activity" in My Account.
  • If the same bidding amount is entered, the bid placed earlier in time takes priority over all bids at the same price. It can be to your advantage to get an initial bid in as early as possible to ensure time priority at your bid price.


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